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  • Landmark72 - B1 & 10F

Aiming at offering customers and patients the best medical treatments and services, Hong Ngoc Hospital continuously updates, renovates, and invests in medical equipment and facilities.

The hospital boasts latest equipment and technologies supporting for complex diagnosis and health treatment in various departments from general surgery, internal medicine, and pediatrics to plastic surgery, aesthetics and therapeutic, and psychology and mental health.

With over 15 treatment rooms, with different areas of practice: General GP, Obstetrics, ENT, Dentistry, Ophthalmology and Cardiology, Hong Ngoc –General Clinic is able to welcome over 300 patients daily.


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  • Landmark72 Plaza – 7F

Located on the 7th floor, Landmark72 Fitness, the most spacious fitness center in Hanoi, consists of outdoor swimming pool, gym, GX zone, tennis court, indoor and outdoor golf facility, indoor running track, sauna, massage & spa.

Gym : Landmark 72 Fitness provides the first-class facilities and services for customers’ healthy life only run by exclusive membership system.

Sauna : Jacuzzis, hot tub or plunge pool, are available for your health, along with shower massaging booth and the sauna to stimulate the circulation of the blood and relief of your stress

Yoga : Yoga aims to use meditation and concentration to attain spiritual insight, tranquility and assist to relieve stress and anxiety. It also helps to decrease the blood pressure and intensity of the heart rate.

Aerobics : Through physical activities, which stimulate the growth and lung capacity with increasing respiratory intake, you will be able to maintain and enhance the vitality of the body.

Belly Dance : It is very effective in shaping balanced body figure by movements that stimulates internal organs in burning abdomen fats in hips and tummy with flashy movements.

Indoor Golf Drive Range : 365 days regardless of weather, Hanoi’s indoor golf driving range provides the sense of reality of games, which is equipped with high-tech facilities

Swimming Pool : Swimming pools of Landmark 72 provide pleasant and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy swimming in all four seasons.

Tennis : It is the place for Tennis manias to enjoy even at late night times with beautiful lightings and spectacular panorama view in the heart of the city.

Indoor Running Track : Landmark72 Fitness proudly features Vietnam’s longest indoor running track, the best place for your speed workouts to help improve your health and well-being, with no traffic or weather interruptions


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  • Landmark72 - 7F

Situated on 7F of Landmark72, The Spa is the truly professional spa for all the guests to take a rest, enjoy themselves and have better health, better life.

The Spa’s spa professionals analyses and grasps each of customers’ condition of body and soul, and life style to recommend the suited program by providing the most excellent service. The Spa’s professionals will blow away customers’ fatigue and stress with individual massaging.

Customers surely have the best time in The Spa!